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Repair and/or Replacement In-Kind

Repair in kind, (RIK), is defined as:

"Repairs which use the same or similar materials in the same or a similar location which comply with the currently adopted code. To be issued without plans, such repairs must be limited to 40 lineal feet of wall."

Non-Structural Repair in Kind

Definition: Electrical, mechanical and plumbing work connected with remodeling or damage repair.


  • Kitchen/Bath remodel (No altered walls)
  • Deck Repair
  • Deck Rebuild (if not over 10 feet high)
  • Flood Damage (minor non-structural)
  • Other Water Damage (minor non-structural)
  • Fire Damage (minor non-structural)
  • Storm Damage (minor non-structural)
  • Siding, windows, re-roof and doors - Contract cost


  • New plumbing (sink, dishwasher etc.): Minimum fees, quantity used for info only
  • New electrical (circuits, subpanel, etc): Minimum fees, quantity used for info only
  • New mechanical (ductwork, etc.): Minimum fees, quantity used for info only
  • Other non-structural damage (sheet rock, sub-floor, ceiling material): Contract cost

Structural Repair in Kind

Definition: Wall replacement, cutting holes in roof/walls or removing walls affecting 40 lineal feet or less of wall. The work done meets the definition of conventional light-frame construction in the Building Code and does not require a design analysis. If more than 40 lineal feet of wall is affected plans are required and the permit cannot be issued via the Internet.


  • Dry Rot repair (subject to remodel policy)
  • Alteration of walls in connection with remodel
  • Damage repair (Structural) – Contract cost

Fees: Contract cost of structural work, not including finish work such and floor and wall coverings.

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