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Learn the steps you need to take to reach the next level of your career, and practical advice for improving your state of mind.

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    In this Issue:All Fiscal Year 2015-2016 classes are now open for registration, Achievement Pathways: The Sonoma County Employee Competencies, The Double Spiral for Developmental Success, Certification Tracks: Taking Yourself to Your Next Level, How We Got Here and Why It Matters Planning for Success FAQs

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    In this issue: The HPO Road: The Spiral for Success Launches!, Questions Asked & Answered, 5 Ideas to Develop Increased Integrity and Trust, The Mousetrap, Build and Protect Your Workplace Sanctuary, and Life Balance.
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    In this Issue:   The HPO Road:  Blueprint for Success, Butting Heads at Work:  When Confrontation is of Value, The Amazing Mind, 5 Ways to Build Cultural Intelligence and Raise Your Cultural IQ, The Myths of Life Balance
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    In this Issue:   Sonoma County Competency Design Project and Leadership Philosophy, The Unstoppable Potato Farmer, Changing Organizational Habits, Managing Monkey Mind, Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and Life Balance:  What to Do?
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    In this Issue: Faux Customer Service, Getting Real with Customer Service, 2014 Sonoma-Marin Employment Relations Consortium Workshop Schedule, AB1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - Who? When? Why?, A Philosophy for Training: Training Inoculations Don't Work, Question Asked & Answered, Life Balance
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    In this issue: Workforce Development Division Returns with Big Plans, Your Next Level, Take Your Career to the Next Level, A Philosophy for Training, SRJC Classes Return to the County Campus!, Question Asked & Answered, Life Balance
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