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Vacancies on Boards, Commissions & Committees

When a vacancy occurs on a board, commission, and committee where the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors appoints members, the information is posted on this vacancy list within twenty days of occurrence.

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  • 9 Vacancies
    The purpose of Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County is to partner with low-income families and individuals to help them achieve economic and social stability, to build community, and to advocate for social and economic justice by building relationships with clients and communities, embracing diversity, advocating for change in public policy, partnering with other organizations, and ensuring the participation of low income persons in the development and implementation of programs and projects.
  • 3 Vacancies
    Citizens representative of agricultural, residential, municipal and commercial interests within this Zone to advise on flood control matters.
  • 6 Vacancies
    Existing solid waste management and resource recovery committee members.
  • 2 Vacancies
    County Seal

    The purpose of this committee is to ensure that any toll revenues generated pursuant to the RM3 toll increase are expended consistent with the applicable requirements of the RM3 expenditure plan set forth in Streets and Highways.

  • Sonoma County Tourism Board

    1 Vacancy
  • Workforce Investment Board

    2 Vacancies
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