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2012-2013 Rural Road Safety - Striping Various County Roads

Project # M12015

Status: Complete


This project consists of placement of new traffic stripes and pavement markers on a various Sonoma County roads.


Bid Results (PDF)

Bid Tab (PDF)


The 2012-2013 Rural Road Safety project is located as follows:

Group 1: Install new striping on new pavement

  • Adobe Canyon Rd, Highway 12 to Park Entrance.
  • Armstrong Woods Road (8902B, 80131), Highway 116 to park entrance.
  • Bohemian Highway (6002A), Monte Rio Bridge to Highway 116.
  • Bohemian Highway (70126), River Drive to bridge.
  • Bohemian Highway (70150), Fork: Bohemian Highway to Highway 116.
  • Main Street (6002B), Fir Road to Bohemian Highway.
  • Lichau Road (67002), Roberts Road to Coldsprings Road.
  • London Ranch Road (66045), Arnold Drive to park entrance.
  • High School Road (79002), Occidental Road to Sebastopol city limit.
  • Llano Road (6805), Highway 12 to Todd Road.
  • Olivet Road (7902), River Road to Guerneville Road.
  • Bloomfield Road (5901), Highway 116 to Tiller Lane.
  • Bennett Valley Road (6604), Grange Road to Bennett Valley Road

Group 2: Install new striping on existing roads

  • Stony Point Road (5709), Mecham Road to Santa Rosa city limit.
  • Occidental Road (7803), Highway 116 to Santa Rosa city limit.
  • Cazadero Highway (71009), Highway 116 to King Ridge Road.
  • Cazadero Highway (8101), Austin Creek Road to King Ridge Road.
  • Petrified Forest Road (8801C), Porter Creek Road to Napa County line.
  • Old Redwood Highway (7812), Santa Rosa city limit to Windsor city limit.
  • Dry Creek Road (9901), Skaggs Springs Road to Healdsburg city limit.
  • Guerneville Road (7807), Highway 116 to Santa Rosa city limit.
  • Guerneville Road (7807), just past Ridley Avenue to Lance Avenue.
  • Graton Road (7901), Highway 116 to Sullivan Road.
  • Arnold Drive (5603), Highway 116 to Petaluma Avenue.


  • Bid Date: October 9, 2013.
  • Work Completed: Spring, 2014.
  • Official Notice of Completion:

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Standard Plans

Construction Standards for County Roads


Standard plans for construction of roads and related structures.


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