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Plant Sale

Plan to stock up early on plants at one of our Saturday public plant sale.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Jail Industries is now conducting plant sales by appointment only 

We are accepting appointments Tuesday –Thursday, 8am-1pm.
Please call (707) 565-7759 to make an appointment.

  • Customers (two maximum) will be required to wear face coverings
  • Carts and any other equipment will be disinfected before and after each use
  • We are only able to accept payments via check

Plenty of California natives, succulents, and Sonoma Superstars to choose from.

We have a variety of trees, and many, many one gallon plants now available and ready to plant.

Prices 2020

 Plant SizePrice
 1 Gallon  $ 2.75
 2 Gallon  $ 4.75
 5 Gallon   $ 6.75
 15 Gallon  $ 27.75

What to expect on the day of your visit:

  1. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be met by the Horticulture Instructor (Rick Stern)
  2. The instructor will assign you an inmate student to assist you in locating, carrying, and loading your plants.
  3. We are only able to accept checks on non-public plant sale days. No cash or credit cards will be accepted.


  1. If you plan to arrive on a non-public plant sale day, you must have an appointment prior to visiting the facility. Drop-in appointments are not permitted on non-public plant sale days.
  2. Do not talk to any inmate without previously receiving the instructor's permission and do not give any item to inmates at any time. This is intended for your safety and to ensure the safety and security of the facility.
  3. Furthermore, section 4570 of the penal code states: Any person, without the permission of jail staff, who communicates with any inmate or any person who brings any letter, writing, literature, reading matter, etc. to any inmate is guilty of a misdemeanor.
  4. The following clothing/attire is not permitted when visiting the North County Detention Facility or the Jail Industries Plant Nursery:
    • No sports team attire or gang insignias
    • No bare midriffs or low-cut tube, tank, or revealing tops

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