Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together

Official Rebuilding information for unincorporated Sonoma County after the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fire.

As recovery efforts are underway after the fires, we will continue to provide resources for rebuilding, including the latest information for permits and property tax assessments. Our goal is to institute a streamlined and expedited approach so our community can recover and rebuild as quickly as possible.

City of Santa Rosa: If you are rebuilding in the City of Santa Rosa and are looking for Rebuild information, please visit:

2019 Winter Storms and Flooding: For flood recovery information, please visit:

Minimum Temporary Occupancy Requirements

The building inspector will require that specific work be completed. Where applicable, the following list includes, but is not limited to, the work required to be completed or installed prior to approving temporary occupancy.

  1. Final gas test
  2. All smoke detectors
  3. Heating and ventilation
  4. Labeled electrical panels
  5. One bathroom, minimum
  6. All handrails and guardrails
  7. All required lighting fixtures
  8. Kitchen with hot and cold running water
  9. All exiting paths, such as stairs, landings and ramps
  10. Covered plates and wire nuts at all incomplete fixture boxes
  11. All doors not required for exiting that lead to incomplete decks or platforms shall be mechanically secured or become a code compliant opening other than a door
  12. Other items as required

More About Temporary Occupancy Procedures

Rebuilding Permits Data

View the number of rebuilding permits issued in unincorporated Sonoma County on parcels impacted by the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fire.

Pre-Application Screening

Schedule a pre-application screening at the RPC to help you submit a complete submittal package and streamline the issuance of your permit.

Expanded Support in Evaluating Rebuilding Construction Proposals

The County’s Resiliency Permit Center will now be offering Bid Proposal Reviews to assist fire survivors in reviewing construction bids from potential contractors. These bid reviews will be offered at no cost to fire survivors to help you determine whether the scope and pricing of construction bids are appropriate for your rebuilding projects. Contact the Resiliency Permit Center to make an appointment with staff to review your construction bids.

Expedited Permitting for Anyone Who Lost Property in the Fires

Permit Sonoma is providing an expedited permitting approach to anyone who has lost or damaged property in the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fires.

  • Fire Burn Zone: If you are rebuilding a property within the 2017 fire burn zone, permitting assistance is provided through the Resiliency Permit Center located at 448 Fiscal Drive in Santa Rosa.
  • Outside Fire Burn Zone: If you are rebuilding or remodeling outside the fire burn zone, permitting assistance is provided at the main Permit Sonoma Permit Center.

Residential Rebuilding Process

We are here to help you rebuild. This video provides a quick overview of the four phases of rebuilding and videos for each of the phases are soon to follow.

Find out more about what your permitting process will look like.

Sonoma County Rebuild Hotline:

(707) 565-1788

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Permit Sonoma handles construction and land use permitting for unincorporated Sonoma County.

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