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Rebuilding Documentary Series

Bill and VickyThe County of Sonoma is following the rebuilding journey of Bill Collins and Vicky McKay, a couple who lived in Hidden Hills (off Riebli Road) in Sonoma County and lost their home in the Tubbs Fire in October of 2017.

This documentary series of short videos, posted on YouTube, captures  their experiences, highlighting information that is relevant to our broader community as we move forward with recovery and rebuilding. Some examples of topics that will be covered in this video series include navigating the permitting process and many of the design considerations such as green building options, accessory dwelling units, and new building technologies.

We'll be adding new videos as Bill and Vicky's rebuilding process continues to progress.

Hidden Hills Video

An introduction to the documentary series that follows one couple's rebuilding journey.

Thinking About Design

Bill shares his initial thoughts on design considerations for rebuilding their home.

Greywater Usage

Vicky meets with a permaculture consultant to discuss gray water options as part of their rebuilding plans.

James Johnson PRMD

Bill and Vicky visit the Resiliency Permit Center and learn more about options for permitting gray water systems.

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