Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Process

We can help you assemble a complete application packet, so you can start your rebuild.

We encourage you to schedule a Pre-Application Screening at the Resiliency Permit Center via our Get In Line remote queuing tool.

These screenings will provide information and resources to help you submit a complete submittal package and streamline the issuance of your permit.

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Expedited Permitting for Anyone Who Lost Property in the Fires

Permit Sonoma is providing an expedited permitting approach to anyone who has lost or damaged property in the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fires.

  • Fire Burn Zone: If you are rebuilding a property within the 2017 fire burn zone, permitting assistance is provided through the Resiliency Permit Center located at 448 Fiscal Drive in Santa Rosa.
  • Outside Fire Burn Zone: If you are rebuilding or remodeling outside the fire burn zone, permitting assistance is provided at the main Permit Sonoma Permit Center.

The Process

  1. Debris Removal

    The Sonoma County Consolidated Fire Debris Removal Program has two phases: removal of household hazardous waste and removal of other fire-related debris. To find out more about debris removal, please visit:
  2. Design

  3. Permitting & Review

    1. Pre Application Screening
      Take advantage of the County’s free Pre Application Screening service (PAS). The PAS service provides information and resources to help you submit a complete submittal package and streamline the issuance of your permit. The PAS can help you verify your parcel data, setback and zoning requirements, assessor resources, utility connections, septic and well concerns and more. Schedule your PAS online at or by phone at (707) 565-1788.
    2. Submit your application
      A permit technician will assist you as he/she verifies that all required information is provided for the application intake. They will assist with all permits that may be required during the rebuilding process. Plan check fees are paid when applications are submitted.
    3. Plan Review
      Resiliency Permit Center staff will review your plans for compliance with all Local, State, and Federal codes.
      • Some requirements, including residential fire sprinklers and truss calculations, may be listed as a deferred submittal for review at a later time. However, we encourage complete submittals instead of deferred submittals as deferred submittals may slow down the permitting process.
      • Our electronic green line comments process will allow our plans examiner to insert conventional or minor comments on the plans to expedite the review process. Some comments may require correction or clarification by the design professional before permits can be issued. Some items will be able to be resolved at the counter or specified on the plan as a deferred submittal.
  4. Construction & Inspection

    1. Building Permit Issuance
      Building permits will be issued after all required conditions for your project are approved. Smaller projects may be approved over the counter with larger project responses fast tracked for 3-5 day turn around. Permit fees are due at time of issuance. 
    2. Schedule Inspections
      Visit or call (707) 565-3551. We offer next-day inspections service.
    3. Occupancy
      A final inspection is required before occupancy. In some cases temporary occupancy may be allowed before the permit is finaled.

Download Process information in PDF Format (PDF: 200 kB)

Please view our list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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