Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Documents

Documents important to rebuilding after the October 2017 Sonoma Complex Fire.

Temporary Housing Urgency Ordinances

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors adopted several Urgency Ordinances to address the immediate need for housing for persons displaced by the Sonoma Complex Fires.

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Building and Construction

Rebuilding Permit Checklist


Commonly Used Concrete Forensic Testing Methods for Damaged Concrete

Listing of the various methods for forensic testing of concrete.

Building Code

California Building Code Upgrades (PDF)

A partial list of "code upgrades" a replacement home will require. The year the home was built and the year of any remodel and/or addition can impact the amount of "code upgrades."

Technical Bulletins

B-42 Design Criteria for Bridges

Guidelines to clarify design criteria for bridges. The following are addressed: new construction, replacement, and repair.

B-43 Foundation Reports for Fire Damaged Structures

This guideline presents an evaluation methodology for fire exposed concrete members. The aim is to provide a uniform evaluation procedure while meeting applicable standards and applying forensic engineering principles.

B-44 Geotechnical Guidelines for Fire Rebuilds

Guidelines to clarify geotechnical reporting, observation, and testing requirements specific to foundations proposed to be located in areas where previous foundations and underlying contaminated soils have been removed due to fire exposure.

Design Review (Planning)

Standards for Waiver of Design Review Requirements for SLUs

Standards for waiver of Design Review requirements to facilitate expedited repair, replacement, or redesign of residential structures in the Scenic Landscape Units (SLUs) that were damaged or destroyed in the October 2017 Sonoma Complex Fires.

Well and Septic

Permitting Guidelines for Fire Damaged Septic Systems

Find out what type of septic system repair and replacement requires a permit and what type does not require a permit for properties impacted by the Sonoma Complex Fires.

Septic System Evaluations for Rebuilding and Temporary Housing for Sonoma Complex Fire

Permit Sonoma has developed a new form for Professionals to use to document the location and evaluate the condition of septic systems. This form is intended to streamline the findings report creation and review process related to fire rebuilding.

Permit Sonoma

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Permit Sonoma

Permit Sonoma handles construction and land use permitting for unincorporated Sonoma County.

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