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Phase 3: Permitting & Review

A key milestone in building your new home after a fire will be applying for and getting your building and associated permits. The best way to save time and money is to first work with your design professional to ensure your Submittal Packet is 100% complete.

Key Activities

  1. Optional: Meet with Permit Sonoma staff for review prior to submittal.
  2. Work with design professional to complete submittal packet.
  3. Select and hire a licensed contractor.
  4. Verify condition of the property’s septic system if applicable.
  5. Submit completed submission packet (PDF) to Permit Sonoma.
    Note: For the Geotechnical Report portion, refer to Technical Bulletin B-44 Geotechnical Guidelines for Fire Rebuilds and not the submission packet.

The time it takes for the review of your plans will vary depending on the extensiveness of your design changes.

Final Step: Construction & Inspection

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