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Phase 2: Design

Working with a design professional, you’ll need to create or rebuild a set of plans for your new home including all design, engineering, and required code upgrades. You may be able to access the original plans by contacting the original designer or Permit Sonoma. How different your new home is from the original will affect the speed of your permitting and review process.

Key Activities

  1. Meet with a design professional.*
  2. Retrieve original plans or start from scratch.
  3. Consider design changes such as adding an accessory dwelling unit or a junior unit.
  4. If applicable, verify condition of the property’s septic system and consider sewer hook up options. Find out more about Well, Septic, and Sewer for rebuilding.
  5. Finalize design and obtain a code compliant set of drawings. The new design does not need to use the floor plan or footprint of the previous building.
  6. If applicable, coordinate any necessary reviews with your homeowner’s association (HOA).

*At a minimum, a simple home design would require the following design professionals: a designer, and a Calgreen and Energy consultant. More complex designs would require an architect, a civil engineer, a geotechnical engineer, and a Calgreen and Energy consultant. Note: The majority of rebuilt homes in the burn areas will require a geotechnical engineer to evaluate the soils. A septic consultant will be required to evaluate the functionality of the existing septic system.

Tip: Now is a great time to begin interviewing and selecting a licensed contractor. Visit the North Coast Builders Exchange at for more resources.

Next Step: Permitting & Review

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