Flood update
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County Storm Update: Emergency Operations Center responds to flooding and winter storm

Santa Rosa, CA  –  January 10, 2017 at 4:00 PM  –  Due to the arrival of a second winter storm, the Russian River is anticipated to again reach flood stage of 32.3 feet at 5:00 p.m. today. The California Nevada River Forecast Center forecasts the Russian River will reach its peak at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, cresting at 38.4 feet. While these models are frequently adjusted as storm activity changes, the current forecast indicates the river will remain at flood stage until 12:00 p.m. on Thursday.

The County’s Emergency Operations Center will remain active to provide updated information and emergency services to Sonoma County residents. Please call 9-1-1 to report emergencies. Use phone numbers and website information below for all other information and reporting needs.

Unstable Soils around Rivers and Creeks

A landslide occurred in the Monte Rio area yesterday afternoon. Seven houses were red tagged, which required evacuation of the premises. All evacuated residents were offered shelter, but residents confirmed with County personnel that they were not in need of sheltering services. County specialized engineering staff are on site today conducting further assessment of hillside conditions.

Please be on the lookout of unstable soils washing down ravines or creeks. As these waters carry debris downhill, they can get trapped behind roads and structures, causing washouts and landslides that threaten buildings and people. The potential for these conditions can be found throughout the hillside neighborhoods in the River region. Please report these conditions to the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 565-2121.

Evacuation and Shelter Information

The County issued advisory evacuation notices to the low-lying areas of Monte Rio and Guerneville on Sunday afternoon – these evacuation notices remain in effect. Recent flood modeling predicts that approximately 650 households are impacted when the Russian River reaches 38 feet. This includes locations with flooding anywhere on the property, and those cut off from services, as well as those with utilities impacts (such as impacts to wells and septic systems).

The Guerneville Veterans Hall extended its shelter hours, and will remain open 24 hours a day through Friday morning. Additional shelters will be opened if necessary. Shelter information can be obtained by calling 2-1-1; if you see homeless individuals who need help, please call 1-866-707-HOST (4278).

Power Outages

PG&E reports that approximately 1,000 Sonoma County homes are currently without power. Since Saturday, PG&E has restored power to over 20,000 households. PG&E remains fully staffed and crews are actively making repairs. Information about power outages may be found at https://m.pge.com/#outages.

Road Closures

Drivers are encouraged to observe road closures and use detour routes. Road closures and restrictions information for the unincorporated areas can be found at http://roadconditions.sonoma-county.org/. Please call Transportation and Public Works at 707-565-5100 to report a road obstruction from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 565-2121 after hours.

Damages Reporting

If you have structural safety concerns regarding your home or business due to damages from the recent storm, please use the SoCo Report It app (available on the app stores for iPhones and Androids) or on the web at http://sonomacounty.ca.gov/SoCo-Report-It/ to report damages and contact the Permit and Resource Management Department for an inspection. If no internet service is available, please call 2-1-1. Sonoma County is asking that residents and business owners report all incidences of damage to structures and real property over $1,000.

Boil Water Notices

Three boil water notices were issued by the State Water Resources Control Board (Division of Drinking Water) since Monday, January 9, 2016. These notices remain in effect. One notice was issued to the River Bend Resort in Forestville. The second notice is in effect for 19 homes served by the Clear Creek Water Company water system in Cloverdale. The final notice was for the Bucher Water System in Healdsburg for 16 service connections.

Regional Parks

All or parts of the Russian River parks are closed. Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa is also closed. For the latest list of all impacted parks and trails, please visit http://parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov/About_Us/News/Flooding_Prompts_Closures_of_Parks,_Trails.aspx

County Schools

The Sonoma County Office of Education is maintaining a list of all school closures on its website. For a complete list of school closures please visit http://www.scoe.org/pub/htdocs/storm-update-16.html


Residents and businesses are encouraged to sign up for SoCoAlert to receive local emergency alerts and warnings. Emergency officials use the SoCoAlert Emergency Notification System to deliver incident-specific information or life-saving instructions to the precise geographic area(s) affected.

This service is free, secure, reliable, and easy to use. SoCoAlert notifications may be sent via text, email, voice, Web, and social media. To register, please go to SoCoAlert.comand click on the "Sign Up Today" link.

Additional Information

The County will also continue to post new information on shelters, power outages, road closures, safety information, and sandbag locations to its website:: http://sonomacounty.ca.gov/Public-Safety/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SonomaCountyCal/

and Twitter: https://twitter.com/CountyofSonoma

Flood Safety Tips:

  • Turn Around, Don’t Drown!
  • Avoid walking or driving through flood waters
  • Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and 2 feet of water can sweep your vehicle away.
  • If there is a chance of flash flooding, move immediately to higher ground. Flash floods are the #1 cause of weather-related deaths in the U.S.
  • If floodwaters rise around your car but the water is not moving, abandon the car and move to higher ground. Remain in the car if the water is moving.
  • Avoid camping or parking along streams, rivers, and creeks during heavy rainfall. These areas can flood quickly and with little warning.

Don’t touch or get near a fallen or dangling power line. Call 9-1-1.

Always assume that a fallen power line is live, and follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid touching the downed line -- with your hand or an object, such as a stick, broom or pole.
  • Avoid touching anything in contact with a fallen power line, such as a car, object or equipment, or person.
  • Avoid driving over a fallen power line.
  • Call 9-1-1 immediately to report a fallen power line.
  • If a power line touches your car, stay inside your car. Use your mobile phone to call 9-1-1 and wait for emergency help.


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