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Advisory Evacuations Issued - 9/13/2015 - 4:54 PM

Voluntary evacuations recommended for Geysers area near Lake County border

Santa Rosa, CA  –  September 13, 2015  –  Emergency response agencies throughout Sonoma County are currently monitoring the Valley Fire, which began in Lake County at approximately 1:30pm yesterday and crossed into Sonoma County earlier today. The fire has burned 50,000 acres, and has spread into the Geysers area near the Lake County border and the Big Sulphur Creek drainage. Advisory evacuations were ordered by CAL FIRE for the following locations:

  • Pine Flat Road, addresses 5000 and above
  • Geysers Road out of Healdsburg, addresses 6000 and above
  • Geysers Road out of Geyserville, addresses 9400 and above

Advisory evacuations notify residents that existing conditions dictate that a Mandatory Evacuation Order MAY be given in the near future, but that the threat to lives is not yet imminent. Due to the potential for rapidly changing conditions to develop into a serious threat, residents who are included in an advisory evacuation order should prepare to evacuate, and those with special evacuation needs should leave as soon as possible.

Residents in the surrounding area are urged to stay vigilant, and prepare for possible evacuation. It is recommended that all residents prioritize their personal safety, and do not wait for an evacuation notification if they feel that their safety is at risk.

The public is advised to avoid the area in order to facilitate emergency response.

Exposure to smoke can trigger life threatening respiratory events in people that are sensitive or who have underlying heart or lung conditions. If you see or smell smoke, keep in mind the following:

  • Consider staying inside to avoid breathing smoke particles.
  • Run your air conditioner, making sure to keep the fresh air intake closed and the filters clean.
  • Do not run swamp coolers. They will pull smoky air in from outside.
  • Masks do not protect your lungs from smoke particles.

Sonoma County is supporting the disaster response in Lake County. Two fire strike teams (each consisting of five Type 2 engines) have been deployed to Lake County, as well as some additional support vehicles. The Sheriff’s Office is providing evacuation support, and Health Services has sent Animal Services personnel to assist as well. Sonoma County has initiated a partial activation of our Emergency Operations Center to monitor the situation in Sonoma County and respond to mutual aid requests from our neighboring counties.

If you have family or friends in the impacted area, and want to check on their wellbeing, the Red Cross has a Safe and Well website that enables people to connect with their loved ones. It is located at The Red Cross has set up evacuation centers in response to the Valley Fire. Donations to the Red Cross can be made at   

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