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Zoning Information

This page contains the Zoning Database (OZD) and Zoning Regulations information for unincorporated Sonoma County. You can find out your property's zoning as well as what the zoning codes mean and their related regulations.

Search for Zoning for Your Property

Zoning & Land Development Data

PRMD Geographical Information Systems (GIS) manages the development, maintenance, and distribution of comprehensive planning, land development and natural resource spatial datasets and related databases.

The contents of the Zoning Database (OZD) have been incorporated into Permit Sonoma. You can use Permit Sonoma's Look Up Property Information page to:

Find Your Zoning

Instructions for Searching for Zoning

Instructions to Search by Address

Instructions to Search by Parcel Number

Explanation of the Zoning Codes

Find out what the different zoning letter and number codes mean (e.g. RR, R1, C3, CC) and the applicable regulations.

Zoning Code Regulations

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Online Permitting Tools

Experienced users can go directly to the applicable online tools below. (New users: Learn more.)

Apply for Permits Online
Apply for certain residential Building permits online. (Registration/log in required.)

Permit History Lookup
Check a property's permit history.

Permit Status & Pay Fees
Check the current status of a Permit, Inspection, or Plan Check. (Search for your permit number.)

Zoning Information
Search for a property's Zoning (by address or parcel number). Find out what the Zoning Codes mean.

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