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Typical Use Permit Condition for Food Service at Wineries and Tasting Rooms

All activities allowed at wineries and tasting rooms are specified in the use permit and can vary depending on site specific factors. Food service is often included and the following provides examples of the typical food service condition. Always check the use permit for actual conditions for a particular site.

  1. A restaurant, café, delicatessen or any other food service offering cooked-to-order food is prohibited. Table service, retail sales of cooked or prepared food or menu items are prohibited in the tasting room, except within the reserve tasting area for food and wine pairings as noted in subsection d below. The following types of food service may be allowed under a use permit:
    1. Samples or tastes of pre-packaged food, such as crackers, nuts or other palette cleansers, featuring local foods and food products offered in conjunction with wine tasting.
    2. Prepared meals or appetizers featuring local foods and food products offered in conjunction with agricultural promotional events, such as wine club parties, and winemaker dinners, and with food and wine pairings as limited below. Such meals/appetizers may be prepared in a food preparation area prior to serving as described on the approved project floor plan. The preparation area can include counter space, a double sink, microwave oven(s), warming oven(s), and refrigeration. A stove and hood may be allowed in some cases.
    3. Retail sales of pre-packaged food not associated with the activities described in a) and b) are allowed in conjunction with wine tasting subject to the following limitations:
      1. Retail sales of pre-packaged food featuring local foods and food products shall be permitted only during tasting room hours as approved by this Use Permit.
      2. Retail sales of pre-packaged food available for on-site consumption only.
      3. No indoor seating area or table service is permitted in conjunction with retail sales of pre-packaged food. Outdoor seating areas are permitted for use as outdoor picnic areas.
      4. No off-site signs advertising retail sales of pre-packaged food is permitted. All project signage shall conform to the Zoning Code Sign Regulations.
    4. Food and Wine Pairing (Daytime):
      1. The square footage of the reserve tasting dining area shall be limited to no more than 15% of the floor area of the main tasting room up to a maximum of 640 square feet.
      2. Seating in the reserve tasting area shall be limited to 20 seats and no more than 20 persons.
      3. Food and wine pairings shall be limited to small appetizer portions selected by the winery with no menu options allowed.
      4. Food and wine pairing shall be by appointment only limited to no more than four days per week and no more than twice per day at specified times (i.e. 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.) avoiding the lunch hour and shall not be open to drop in guests.
    5. Food and Wine Pairing (Evening):
      Food and wine pairing in the evening is considered an agricultural promotional event. It is allowed when requested in the use permit application and approved.
      1. Food and wine pairings must be selected by the winery with no menu options.
      2. Such pairing is limited to small appetizer-like portions that showcase site or locally grown foods.

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