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Density Bonus


In addition to the state density bonuses presently offered for affordable housing projects, may increase that bonus up to 50% if the project provides at least 33% of the total units as powered by on-site renewable energy systems, or that provide systems to power shared or community facilities that reduce utility costs within multifamily residential developments.


The supplemental density bonus would be available to affordable housing projects in urban service areas that qualify for a state density bonus under Government Code section 65915. The renewable energy density bonus is allowed in addition to the density bonus, incentives and concessions for affordable housing projects provided in state law.

Permit Requirements

A project applying for the renewable energy density bonus will be decided by the same body that decides the affordable housing project and state density bonus as defined in the zoning code for the underlying zoning district. The housing project application would be reviewed in the same manner with no additional permit application.

Summary of Provisions

  • Renewable Energy bonus is available in addition to the state density bonus
  • Supplemental density bonus may not exceed 50% of the allowable base units
  • Incentives and concessions are also available for the affordable housing project
  • Utility allowances will be adjusted to reflect savings to tenants
  • Solar panels on roofs and parking structures are encouraged
  • Accessory Renewable Energy Systems Site Planning and Development Standards will apply to these density bonus projects

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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