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Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (OWTS) Manual

OWTS Manual Approval Process

On June 11, 2019, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors took action to meet State mandated septic system regulations that protect water quality and public health. The Board authorized submittal of a revised Sonoma County Local Agency Management Program (LAMP) and the OWTS Manual to the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. It is anticipated the Water Board will consider for approval during their August 2019 board meeting.

Public Comments

In parallel to submitting the Local Agency Management Program (LAMP), the Director of Permit Sonoma has published the OWTS Manual pursuant to Sonoma County Code section 24-31.5. Public comments will be accepted up until July 5, 2019. The Director will consider any/all submitted comments. The Director may withdraw, adopt or rescind the OWTS Manual or portions thereof based on the submitted comments. The Director may adopt or rescind the OWTS Manual no sooner than 15 days and no later than 180 days following the close of the comment period.

The comment period started June 12, 2019. Any comments can be submitted to Nathan Quarles at Nathan.Quarles@sonoma-county.org and/or Rosalind Girard at Rosalind.Girard@sonoma-county.org

Effective Date

The approved changes to the OWTS Manual are anticipated to take effect July 22, 2019.

Previous Versions of the OWTS Manual

View previous iterations of the OWTS Manual as it progressed through the revision process: Updating County Septic System Regulations

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