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Provisions for Work/Live Uses


The purpose of the Work/Live program is intended to allow some limited residential use in underutilized urban industrial areas. Work/Live uses may be permitted for the reuse of existing commercial and industrial structures, or in some cases within new buildings. A Work/Live unit functions primarily as work space, and has limited residential floor area. Work/Live units differ from Home Occupations and Live/Work units in that they are a limited residential use in an industrial zone. Home Occupations and Live/Work units are a limited business use in a residential zone.


Work/Live uses may be permitted only in the Limited Urban Industrial zone (M1) in urban service areas.

Permit Requirements

A Use Permit and notification to property owners within 300 feet is required. A public hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustments is required, but may be waived in certain cases if no written protest is received during the notice period. Design Review is also required.

Development Standards

Ratio of Work/Live Space

No more than 50 percent of the combined floor area of all buildings constructed on the project site may be dedicated or used for Work/Live units. Additionally, at least 50 percent of the floor area within each Work/Live unit shall be designated, reserved, and used as work space for permitted commercial or industrial uses.

Integration of Living Space

Living space shall be physically integrated into the Work/Live unit and not be rented, leased, sold, or occupied separately.


A Work/Live unit shall be occupied and used only by the operator of the business within the unit, and his/her household.

Parking Requirements

Two uncovered spaces per unit, plus demonstration of adequate parking for customers and/or clients.

On-Premises Sales

On-premise sales of goods shall be limited to those produced within the Work/Live unit.

Nonresident Employees

The business may employ up to two persons who do not reside in the Work/Live unit.

Client/Customer Visits

Client and customer visits to Work/Live units may be authorized by Use Permit only where adequate parking and compatibility with adjacent uses is demonstrated.

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