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Projects Eligible for Online Permitting

Residential Projects for which Building Permits CAN Be Obtained via Permits Online

The following is a list of projects for which you can apply for residential building permits online using Permit Sonoma. Please note the project must be residential. (For residential solar rooftop systems, there is a separate application process.)

  • Projects listed below that are not related to rebuilding after the Sonoma Complex Fire.
  • Re-roofs with no structural modifications or reframing
  • Siding replacement
  • Water heater new or replacement (including associated piping and vents)
  • HVAC new or replacement (including associated piping and vents)
  • Electrical service replacement (with a pre-existing meter)
  • Electrical service upgrade (maximum of 200 amps and associated wiring)
  • Minor electrical repair
  • Installation or replacement of interior wall coverings (e.g. sheet rock, paneling, etc.)
  • Dry rot repair and/or replacement in kind, or other alterations to not more than 40 lineal feet of wall, provided the work meets the definition of conventional light-frame construction in the Building code which does not require design analysis.
  • Repairs to decking or guardrails of decks.
  • Any of the above associated with remodeling projects involving alterations to not more than 40 lineal feet of wall

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Projects for Which Permits CANNOT Be Obtained via Permits Online

  • Projects related to rebuilding after the Sonoma Complex Fire.
  • Commercial construction/remodel/alteration
  • Any project which requires submittal of plans
  • Structural demolition
  • Historic structures
  • SB-547 (unreinforced masonry) structures
  • Structures that are currently in the Code Enforcement process
  • Structures in a flood zone
  • Any work on or within manufactured homes
  • Work which will disturb asbestos
  • New electrical meter/service
  • Projects under the purview of other Permit Sonoma divisions (e.g. Planning, Well & Septic, etc.)

To proceed with the projects listed above:
Visit the Permits Page or
Contact the Appropriate Permit Sonoma Division

Projects That Do Not Require a Building Permit

See When Is a Building Permit Not Required? – BPC-005 for a comprehensive explanation.

You can also watch this Permit Sonoma video for some of the more popular projects that do not require a Building permit.

(Note: You may still need to obtain other permits such as Well & Septic or Use or Zoning.)

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Online Permitting Tools

Experienced users can go directly to the applicable online tools below. (New users: Learn more.)

Apply for Permits Online
Apply for certain residential Building permits online. (Registration/log in required.)

Permit History Lookup
Check a property's permit history.

Permit Status & Pay Fees
Check the current status of a Permit, Inspection, or Plan Check. (Search for your permit number.)

Zoning Information
Search for a property's Zoning (by address or parcel number). Find out what the Zoning Codes mean.