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Zoning Database
Address Search Instructions

These are the instructions for searching for a property's zoning information via Address.

The instructions below contain computer image captures (screen shots) of the applicable Permit Sonoma Online Permit Tool pages.

1) Open Permit Sonoma Online Permit Tool

Go to Permit Sonoma Online Permit Tool's Look Up Property Information page
(No login needed to search.)

2) Enter Address Information

Type address information into the search fields.

Less is More

If you search by address, and your property doesn’t display in the search results, try entering less information.

For example, if you are searching for 1675 Schultz Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409, just enter “1675” as the Street Number and “Schultz” as the Street Name. Leave everything else blank.

If your street name contains several words, try just using one of the words. Example: For “Mark West Springs” try entering just “Mark” as the Street Name.

Press Enter on keyboard or click “Look Up.”

Zoning Database lookup screenshot two

3) Select Desired Parcel Number

If the search finds only one Address, the Parcel Number(s) associated with the Address will be listed. Click the desired Parcel Number.

If the search finds more than one Address, each Address will be listed. Select the desired Address, then the desired Parcel Number.

Zoning Database lookup screenshot three

4) Zoning is at Bottom of List

The Parcel Information for the property will be listed, including the Zoning codes which will be displayed at the bottom of the list.

Explanation of Zoning Code Designations and Regulations

Zoning Database lookup screenshot four

Contact Information

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