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Annual Payment – Operational Septic Permit

Invoice Required to Pay Bill Online

Watch your mail (US Postal Service) for your bill. You must use your "OPB17" number listed on your invoice to pay your bill online.

Payment Instructions

  1. Go to:
  2. You should see the Permit Sonoma Online Permitting Tool page.
  3. On right side, in the Search Existing Permits box (screen capture image below), enter the Billing Number from your invoice. It should match this format: OPB17-XXXX
    DO NOT enter the Operational Permit (OPR) Number.

    Click magnifying glass button to initiate search.
    (It may take several moments for the system to locate your record. "Please wait" will be displayed.)

    Screen capture image of the Permit search field

Yearly Billing Page

  1. Verify Work Location matches the "System Location" address on the invoice.
  2. On middle panel where it says "Record Info| Payments| Conditions", click Payments and then click Fees.

    Screen capture image showing the location of the Payments link and the Fees link
  3. Verify the following matches your invoice:
    • Date
    • Invoice Number
    • Amount
  4. On far right side, click Pay Fees.
Screen capture image showing locations of the Date, Invoice Number, and Amount as well as the Pay Fees link

Application Fees Page

  1. Review fees, then click Continue Application button.

Payment Options Page

  1. Enter credit card information. Required fields have an asterisk.
  2. Click Submit Payment button.

Record Issuance Page

  1. A notice of Paid Fee is displayed in in a green bar.
  2. To see the Paid Fee, click View Record Details and repeat step 5 above.

Contact Us for Assistance

For assistance with online payments, please contact Permit Sonoma's Department Information Systems (DIS) section:

Need Help?

Do you have questions or need help with the Permits Online tool?

Email us here. Please be specific and thorough with your questions.

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