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September 2018

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Tennis Wick, AICP, Director

Published: September 28, 2018

County Septic Policy Update

OWTS Community Meeting Petaluma September 26 2018The County is hosting a series of meetings to learn and ask questions about proposed new County septic system standards mandated by the State Water Quality Control Board. You can watch a recording of the Petaluma meeting on Permit Sonoma’s Facebook page, or visit our website to view materials from the meeting. Please join us at an upcoming meeting:

You can also share your feedback on the proposed Onsite Waste Treatment Systems manual through an online survey. (Expired links removed.)

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Making Sure Your Parcel is Ready for Winter

Fiber WattleThe approaching rainy season requires that homeowners and contractors protect their construction sites against potential storm water runoff, especially in areas that experienced fire last year. The winter rain season typically lasts from October 1 through April 30. Annual rainfall varies between 30 inches in the lowlands to approximately 45 inches in the uplands. Depending on the severity of fire in burned areas, the runoff hydrology and erosion rates may drastically change compared to pre-fire conditions. Increased runoff, erosion, and transport of toxics from urban toxics may be significantly increased.

Sonoma County is working with the contractors engaged in building activities to protect the receiving waters from increased runoff due to construction activities throughout the County. Hydraulic mulch, silt fence, wattles, and erosion control blankets have been widely accepted as the best performing and effective Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect sites from storm water runoff. Additionally Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works will be engaged in increased street sweeping and inlet cleanout to remove sediment from the roadways and inlets during the rainy season. Sonoma County is also providing information to owners of fire-impacted lots that are presently vacant but still could be a source of sediment from bare soils left after debris removal was completed.

All BMPs will be monitored for maintenance and adaptive management as the rainy season progresses. Homeowners can reference Permit Sonoma’s Construction BMP webpage for appropriate BMP measures to protect their sites.

County Targets Unpermitted Cannabis Operations

Code Enforcement BadgeAs Sonoma County’s cannabis industry moves into the regulated commercial market, the County’s Code Enforcement staff has increased its efforts to halt unpermitted cannabis operations. The County delivers quick turnaround times to respond to cannabis complaints and bring these operations into compliance with County ordinances. Since January 2017, the County shut down more than 600 unpermitted cannabis operations, mandated environmental remediation, and billed over $435,797 in related fines.

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