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Roseland Annexation Complete

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Published:  November 3, 2017

On November 1, 2017, the annexation of the Roseland Area into the City of Santa Rosa was completed. Sonoma County staff are coordinating with City staff to make the transition from County to City services as smooth as possible for the Roseland community.

Important details about the annexation:

  • Permit Sonoma will no longer be accepting new permit applications for parcels in the Roseland Annexation Area – those now need to be submitted to the City of Santa Rosa.
  • All permits that were issued by Permit Sonoma are being transferred to the City of Santa Rosa. In the interim, permit records are available at the Permit Sonoma Records Counter:
  • Pending permit applications will be coordinated with the City, but acted on by the County and then transferred.
  • Code enforcement complaints in the Roseland area will be transferred to the City of Santa Rosa, and all new complaints must be submitted to Santa Rosa:
  • People can find out more information on the annexation by visiting the City’s website: