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Current Local Coastal Plan

First mandated in 1979 by the California Coastal Act, the Local Coastal Plan (LCP) serves as an important planning document in managing the conservation and development of the county’s coastal regions.

The current Local Coastal Plan was written in 1981 and amended in 2001. Permit Sonoma staff and consultants are currently in the process of updating the plan.

  1. Introduction and Summary (PDF: 1 MB)
  2. Historical Resources (PDF: 360 kB)
  3. Environment(PDF: 1.2 MB)
  4. Resources (PDF: 1 MB)
  5. Recreation (PDF: 3.1 MB)
  6. Harbor (PDF: 581 kB)
  7. Development (PDF: 4.3 MB)


  1. Historic Resources Inventory (PDF: 668 kB)
  2. Height, Site and Bulk Guidelines (Sea Ranch) (PDF: 160 kB)
  3. Scenic View Easements (Sea Ranch) (PDF: 868 kB)
  4. Right-to-Farm Ordinance (PDF: 633 kB)
  5. General Plan Policies (PDF:2 MB)

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Coastal Zone Extent

cropped image depicting the coastal zone in Sonoma County where the Local Coastal Plan is applicable, click for full size
View full size map (PDF: 746 kB)