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Property owners are required to keep properties in compliance with Sonoma County’s Fire Safety Ordinance including Chapter 13A.

Inspectors from Sonoma County and local Fire Districts inspect properties for compliance. Selected properties zoned for 5 acres or less in size that are not within city limits (improved and unimproved) are part of the inspection program. Regardless of property size, vegetation management reduces the wildfire risk.

Inspection Abatement Hazardous Vegetation Materials(PDF: 273 kB)

Inspeccion Reduccion Vegetacion Materiales(PDF333 kB)

2019 Vegetation Management "Defensible Space" Inspections

The inspection program begins in spring 2019. Selected properties zoned for 5 acres or less in size that are not within city limits (improved and unimproved) are part of the inspection program. This program is currently complaint driven with some additional areas selected, working in conjunction with local fire protection districts.

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What to Expect When We're Inspecting

Vegetation management (defensible space) inspections will be carried out through a partnership between the Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention Division and some local fire protection districts. 

Currently, inspections are carried out in selected areas or based on residential complaints.

Owners and/or residents will be notified in writing of any violations and the corrective actions necessary to bring the property into compliance. If corrective actions are not made within prescribed time, Sonoma County can abate hazardous vegetation and combustible materials. Failure to bring the property into compliance with regulations could subject the owner or persons in possession to civil, administrative and criminal penalties in addition to abatement costs.

If you have any questions about whether your property is included in the project area, please contact us. Notification of upcoming inspections and explanation of defensible space requirements will be mailed to the owner of record before inspections begin.

Vegetation Management Requirements & Recommendations:

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Defensible Space

Burn Permits & Pile Burning

Wildfire Compatible Homes and Communities

Defensible Space Zones 1 & 2Sonoma County’s highly flammable vegetation and warm, dry summer and fall temperatures place local communities at significant risk to wildfire. Good “defensible space” is critical to minimize the risk of catastrophic wildfire losses. By removing dead plants, grass and weeds, residents create a buffer that can help to keep the fire away from the home and allow for firefighters to safely defend lives and properties. 

Compliance to defensible space standards is required by state and local regulations in all of unincorporated Sonoma County. Defensible space standards must be maintained year round.  Defensible space around an individual home is great, but when all properties in a neighborhood are compliant, the entire community is made safer.

We encourage you to contact our office with any questions you may have about the program or defensible space requirements. Our goal is to work with residents to achieve communities that are better adapted to a wildfire-prone environment. 

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