Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention

Suspicious Activities

The Fire Prevention Division, including the Volunteer Fire Companies of CSA#40, respond to over 1000 calls per year. A variety of the calls sometimes are suspicious in nature or an obvious crime with out evidence leading to an arrest.

Suspicious activities and crimes are reported to the Sonoma County Sheriffs Office. The Fire Prevention Division works side by side with the Sheriff’s Office and local fire agencies to help apprehend violators.

Typical crimes are hazardous materials and fires. The common hazardous materials incident responded to is road side dumps. These negligent acts cost the County of Sonoma thousands of dollars a year for clean up, with very little cost recovery. The County of Sonoma is not the only victim of these crimes. Many road side dumps end up on private property and cost the property owners, including insurance companies the same costs if not more for clean up. Road side fires are common in the late spring and summer time.

According to state law all fires are required to be investigated by the local fire authority. The negligent discharge of a cigarette or incendiary device out the window of a moving vehicle is a violation of the law. A fire started by negligence could result in heavy fines including jail time. Negligent acts destroy property, environment and could result in the loss of life. Scheduled area for the month of June and July 2014 will be Fitch Mountain east of Healdsburg in the unincorporated fire area of Sotoyome. Please contact the Fire Prevention Division at (707) 565-6070 or via email at

Types of Activities

  • Discharge of Hazardous Materials
  • Illegal Drug Activity
  • Road Side Dumping
  • Suspicious Fires

Contact Information

James Williams
Fire Marshal

Permit and Resource Management Department

County of Sonoma

Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Emergency Dial 9-1-1

Dial 911

If you are currently experiencing an actual emergency, please dial 911.