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New or Replacement Septic Permit Flowchart

This flowchart describes Permit Sonoma’s permit process for new or replacement septic systems.


I need a new/replacement septic system. What does the application process look like?

New Replacement Septic Permit Flowchart

Alternate Description of Flow Chart

  • You have confirmed you need a new/replacement permit
  • You then need to hire a consultant
  • The consultant will then do a site evaluation to assess the current septic system
  • After the site evaluation they will create a septic design plan for a new or replacement system
  • The site design will then be submitted to plan review to asses if the plan is ready to move forward
  • Was the septic design place approved?
    • If yes, the permit will be issued
    • If no, the application will need to be amended and re-submitted for plan review

Additional Information

New/ Replacement

  • Undeveloped vs. Developed
  • New systems and Replacement systems are equal for code requirements.

Qualified Consultant (QC)

  • Registered Environmental Health Specialist
  • Licensed Civil Engineer

Site Evaluation

  • Soil Type & Depth
  • Percolation Test
  • Separation to Groundwater

Septic Design

  • Site Evaluation Data
  • Flow Rate
  • Qualified Consultant will create a design

Application Review

  • Site Visit
  • Questions/Comments


Does Application Meet Standards?

  • Yes --Permit is Issued
  • No --Additional Info Needed

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