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Well & Septic Fees

Fees for Fiscal Year 2018 - 2019

Adopted by Board of Supervisors Ordinance Nos. 6150, 6194
Effective July 1, 2018

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Septic Plan Check

Fee IDDescriptionFee Amount
0363Standard System$862.00
0557 Non-Standard System$971.00
0559 Experimental System$1,109.00
0561 Interceptor Drain$232.00
0553 Subdivision (per parcel)$186.00
0552 Subdivision Improvement$277.00
0350 Graywater - Simple$138.00
0351 Graywater - Complex$138.00
0549 Additional Plan Check/Revision Review (1/2-hour minimum, $135 per hour)$67.50

Septic Permit & Inspection Fees

Fee IDDescriptionFee Amount
0371Standard Systems$587.00
0556Non-Standard Systems$1,265.00
0365Additional for B contractor$186.00
0365Additional for owner/builder$380.00
0558Experimental System$1,436.00
0551Interceptor Drain$232.00
0374Incinerator Toilets$146.00
0375Septic Tank Destruction$368.00
0369Septic Tank Replacement Only$583.00
0352Graywater - Simple$138.00
0353Graywater - Complex$277.00
0386Graywater Systems (at cost*, minimum deposit)$1,108.00
0404Package Treatment Plant/Community System/High Flow System (1500 or more gallons per day) (at cost*, minimum deposit) (plan check and permit fees included)$5,314.00
0367Repair - Voluntary (must have Field Clearance)$146.00
0368Repair - Abatement / Addition (upgrade addition "OWTS")$1,265.00
0358Repair / Non-Standard - Major$1,430.00
0359Repair / Non Standard - Minor$615.00
0378Reinspection (1-hour minimum, $135 per hour)$135.00

Operational Permit Fees

Fee IDDescriptionFee Amount
0340Operational Permit - Type I$420.00
0340 Operational Permit - Type II$210.00
0340 Operational Permit - Type III$140.00
0389 Operational Permit – Package Treatment Plant/Community System/High Flow System (1500 or more gallons per day) (per Equivalent Single-Family Dwelling)$111.00
0347 Operational Permit - Transfer of Ownership$68.00
0348 Operational Permit - Staff Report for Hearing$830.00

Water Well Permit & Inspection Fees

Fee IDDescriptionFee Amount
0391Well - Class I$674.00
0392Well - Class II$807.00
0394Well Destruction$277.00
0554Well Re-construction$484.00
0397Geotechnical Borings (up to 6 borings per parcel)$305.00
Unit fee for >6 borings(per unit)$49.00
0555Performance/Cathodic Protection/De-Watering Wells (up to 6 per parcel)$382.00
Unit fee for >6 (per unit)$85.00
0403Monitoring Wells (up to 6 per parcel)$674.00
Unit fee for >6 (per unit)$85.00
0402Geoexchange Well - Piezometer and Inclinometer (for first well)$382.00
Unit fee for >1 ( per unit)$85.00

Well & Septic Other Fees

Fee IDDescriptionFee Amount
0366Office Review - Building/Engineering Permit Clearance$104.00
0372Field Clearance - Building/Engineering Permit$455.00
0405Office Review - Septic Tank Destruct with Sewer Connection Clearance$102.00
0376Findings Report Performed by Staff$546.00
0354Review of Residential Consultant Findings Report$138.00
0548Review of Commercial Consultant Findings Report$472.50
0379Easement Release$564.00
0373Easement Review$186.00
0361Perc Data Review (per site)$676.00
0390Initial Review - Experimental Systems$1,219.00
0380Perc Review Subdivisions (per site tested)$341.00
0399Site Inspection (per site)$492.00
0398Pre-Perc (up to 5 profile holes per site)$492.00
Unit fee for >5 holes/same site (per each additional unit)$68.00
0388Dispute Resolution$564.00
0362Wet Weather Groundwater Inspection (per up to 6 holes per site)$209.00
0381Vesting Certificate (does not include plan check fees)$557.00
0364Formal Variance$553.00
0400Administrative Variance$62.00
0393Well Ordinance Variance$327.00
0396Well Yield Report (per well)$272.00
0401Well Abandonment Exemption$512.00
0550Well Ground Water Study Review for Second Unit$416.00
0750Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan (SUSMP) Program Development Fee - Applies to the following permit types: Septic Systems, Well-Drilling, Encroachment, Grading, Ordinance 3836R (Roiling), Coastal Permits, Design Hearing, Major & Minor Subdivisions and Use Permits.$31.00

*Applications charged at Cost: – Fees for projects identified within this fee schedule as “Charged at Cost” will be charged on an actual cost basis. A minimum fee, as specified within Ordinance No. 6102, shall be required at the time the application for each such project is submitted. After staff review of the application, a preliminary estimate of costs will be provided to the applicant if the costs are expected to exceed the minimum fee. In this case an additional fee will be required prior to completion of work on the project. Minimum initial “At Cost” deposit is nonrefundable. Revisions to previously approved projects remain “At Cost”.

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