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Flood Recovery: 2019 Winter Storms and Flooding

2020 and BeyondWith recovery efforts underway after the 2019 Winter Storms and Flooding, Permit Sonoma will continue to provide resources for recovery, including the latest information for permits.

This page is your main resource for flood recovery permitting information in unincorporated Sonoma County.

On this page:

2017 Sonoma Complex Fire: For fire recovery information, please visit:

Expedited Permitting for Flood Recovery

Permit Sonoma has staff dedicated to expediting flood recovery permitting. Individuals needing post-flood permitting support should do one of the following:

Safety Assessments

In the three days after flood waters receded, Permit Sonoma staff conducted initial safety assessments on more than 2,000 properties in the lower Russian River area. Of the structures assessed, 600 structure received yellow tags, which means inspectors had determined that there is some risk from damage to the building. 35 structures received red tags, which means that the building is damaged and poses an imminent threat to life or safety under expected loads or other unsafe conditions.

Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment (RESA) Map

View the map of the final results of these field safety assessments on structures in unincorporated Sonoma County affected by the 2019 Winter Storms and Flooding.

Construction Information

Post-Flood Accessibility for Commercial Structures

This page clarifies building code requirements that apply to commercial structures damaged by the flood. Specifically it addresses whether construction repairs are subject to the California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 11B requirements for commercial building accessibility.

What permits are needed? When are they not required? Where can I apply? What do I bring? And more….

Additional information to help you recover from the 2019 Winter Storms and Flooding, including debris removal, health and safety, animal services, financial and legal help, how you can help others, etc.