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Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health Advisory Board Meeting

December 6, 2018 from 12:30 2:00 PM

Public Health Division

625 5th Street

City View Room

Santa Rosa, CA 95404
38.4417842, -122.7158781


12:30 Call to Order/Welcome C. McChesney Info 2 min
12:32 Introductions All Info 2 min
12:34 Approval of Minutes C. McChesney Action 2 min
12:36 Correspondence C. McChesney Info 2 min
12:38 Agenda review and revisions if necessary C. McChesney Info 5 min
12:43 Confirm final draft of letter to board, and vote to send R. Alger Info 10 min
12:53 Review and confirm members’ list R. Alger Info 10 min
1:03 Discussion of Connection, Advocacy, and Outcomes for coming year R. Alger/C. McChesney Info 5 min
1:40 Public Comment Public Info 5 min
1:45 State or Local Legislature Updates G. Cuclis Info 5 min
1:50 Staff Report T. Greenwald-Brown Info 5 min
1:55 Announcements All Info 5 min
2:00 Adjournment C. McChesney Info none 

Addressing the Board

Any member of the public desiring to address the Board should wait until the public comment item on the agenda.

Agenda supporting materials

Materials related to an item on this agenda submitted to the MCAH Advisory Board after distribution of the agenda packet are available for public inspection at the Department of Health Services, Public Health Division at 625 5th Street, Santa Rosa, CA, or at

Disability-related accommodations

For information, disability-related modification or accommodation, or to review materials prior to the meeting, contact Sonoma County Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health, Department of Health Services, 625 5th Street, Santa Rosa, 95404, (707) 565-4494,

Contact Information

Karyna Mayora-Linzer

Maternal Child Adolescent Health Coordinator

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Public Health Division

625 5th Street

Santa Rosa, CA 95404
38.4417842, -122.7158781

MCAH Program

Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Program


Promoting the physical, social and emotional health of childbearing women, children, adolescents and their families in Sonoma County.

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