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  • GIS Swipe Map 1942-2011
    Compare today’s Santa Rosa Plain with some of the county’s earliest aerial photographs. Has the Russian River shifted over time? How has agriculture changed? Check out this web map by the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, Sonoma County Water Agency, and San Francisco Estuary Institute.
  • 75x75 Bridge 2

    Bridges, culverts, storm drains, and various other structures found on Sonoma County roads.

  • Chante Campus Map
    Chanate Complex - Campus Map of Chanate Complex including year built, square feet, county owned land and facilities.
  • Chanate builiding site map

    Map of buildings and sites on the Chanate property including square feet and occupancy status.

  • 75x75 Completed PPP 1

    Paving and other road surfacing treatment projects done on Sonoma County roads.

  • 75x75 Completed PPP 1

    Paving and other resurfacing projects done on Sonoma County roads within the last 10 years.

  • GIS Parking Icon
    Interactive map showing parking at the County Complex. Use this map to find all day parking, disabled parking, electric vehicle charging stations, and additional types of parking.
  • GIS Craft Beverage Logo
    Sonoma County Beer, Cider, and Spirits Map by the Sonoma County Economic Development Board. Mapping Sonoma County's fast-growing craft beer and beverage industry.
  • Debris_Thumb_75

    Locations where hazardous materials, waste, and debris can be taken in the event of a disaster.

  • Emergency_Shelter_Thumb_75

    Hot weather, cold weather, and emergency shelters currently open within Sonoma County.

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Map of Emergency Shelters

Emergency Shelters Map

Emergency Facilities Map

Directs Sonoma County residents to emergency shelters in the event of a disaster.

Road Closures & Delays

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