Minutes of February 6, 2020 meeting

Committee Members: 

  • Sandy Coyle, Peggy Betchley, John Hadzess
  • Martin Jones (Vice-Chair)
  • Anthony Withington (Chair) 

  1. Call to Order
    • Call to order by Chair Withington at 10:01 a.m.
  2. Chair Remarks
    • Assistant CAO, Rivera, confirmed the Revised Charter is scheduled to be a Board of Supervisor consent item on the 3/24/2020 business agenda
  3. Approval of Agenda
    • Approved 5-0-0
  4. Approval of minutes of previous meeting(s)
    • Approved 5-0-0
  5. Public Comment on matters not on the agenda – Speakers are to limit their remarks to 3 minutes or less.
    • Chair opened and closed
  6. Receive HR Director’s Overview of Recruitment and Classification Challenges since implementation of County’s Pension Reforms 
    • HR Director Cramer provided overview
  7. Approval of Revised Committee Charter to be recommended to the Board of Supervisors.
    • Approved 5-0-0
  8. Committee members open session
    • None
  9. Request for information from County
    • None 
  10. Setting date and agenda topics for the next meeting
    • March 5th scheduled meeting was canceled. Committee agree to resume after the Board of Supervisors had considered and approved the Committee’s Revised Charter.  
Meeting adjourned by Chair Withington at 11:48 AM. (Audio Available upon Request)

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