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Independent Citizens Advisory Committee on Pension Matters

The goal of this committee is to provide recommendations that will further the Board’s efforts to ensure a more fair, equitable and sustainable County pension system. These values should guide the committee as it develops recommendations and the committee is also intended to bolster increased community engagement, add insight and value to a challenging and complex process, and build an improved understanding for all parties. NOTE: The Independent Citizens Advisory Committee On Pension Matters completed its charter and work scope with the submission of its full report on July 12, 2016 to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, and is DISSOLVED.

Pension Committee Report

Pension Committee Report June 2016.pdf(PDF: 4.9 MB)

The full report of the Independent Citizens Advisory Committee on Pension Matters addresses three main topics per their charter:

  1. evaluating the County’s progress towards achieving its stated pension reform goals;
  2. developing a brief summary of the County’s pension system and the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies; and
  3. developing and proposing additional pension reform recommendations for the Board’s consideration.  The Committee’s report communicates its members’ findings and recommendations culminating from their 9-month long effort to study, analyze, and evaluate the County’s pension reform efforts. 

The introductory sections of the Committee’s final report provide an overview of the how the County’s pension system works, its assessment of the County’s pension problem, and a recap of its charter from the Board of Supervisors.  The bulk of the Committee’s report discusses the County’s progress towards achieving the its aforementioned pension reform goals.  The Committee devoted separate sections in its report for discussing each of the reform strategies under each goal.  Each strategy section covers the following topics: County actions taken; impact to date; next steps for the County; the Committee’s findings; and lastly, the Committee’s recommendations.


    Board of Supervisors: Action Summary #30; 09/22/2015


    Review and comment on what the County has accomplished to date with its pension reform efforts; Prepare a short, 1-2 page, easy to understand description of the current pension system and the roles and responsibilities of the governing bodies involved in the system that can be shared with members of the general public; Review and comment on the currently approved next steps and recommendations for continuing pension reform efforts from the January 27, 2015 report and make other recommendations related to the Board of Supervisor's adopted goals on pension reform. In addition, the Committee may make recommendations regarding the need and composition of any continuing independent citizen advisory involvement in the Board of Supervisors on-going efforts with respect to pension reform. It is important to note that it is not the role of this Committee to make policy determinations or participate in labor negotiations.

    Membership Term

    1 year.


    Stipend of $100 per full Committee meeting, up to two meetings per month, and reimbursement for any travel expenses.

    Contact Information

    Clerk of the Board, 707-565-2241

    Membership Composition

    Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will appoint seven members, none of whom are members or beneficiaries of the County pension system. A diverse set of perspectives is desired – including, but not limited to, age, stage in working life, culture or ethnicity, gender, educational achievement, profession, and income level. Ideal committee members will have the ability and commitment to listen and weigh information with an open mind, engage and fully participate in the development of recommendations, and bring professional skills and expertise and\or the ability to articulate a perspective from their experience which represents the diversity of our community. Since much of the information related to pension systems is of a financial nature, demonstrated aptitude in dealing with financial information will be very helpful. In the event that the Board of Supervisors is unable to find seven individuals to serve on this committee in a timely manner, they may constitute this committee with only five members.
    7 Members
    Member NameAppointment
    Bob LikinsSumm Act #30, 9/22/2015
    Deborah LauchnerSumm Act #30, 9/22/2015
    Jack AtkinSumm Act #30, 9/22/2015
    Lawrence HeigesSumm Act #30, 9/22/2015
    Martin JonesSumm Act #30, 9/22/2015
    Rebecca JonesSumm Act #30, 9/22/2015
    Richard TracySumm Act #30, 9/22/2015

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    Contact Information

    Independent Citizens Advisory Committee on Pension Matters
    Nikolas Klein
    Administrative Analyst
    Sonoma County Administrator’s Office
    Contact us by Phone
    575 Administration Drive
    Suite 104A
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    38.464665, -122.725235


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