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  • The County of Sonoma is committed to improving access to County programs and services and to providing accommodation to individuals with disabilities as required under state and federal law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • This central service provides access to employees, vendors and agency partners for ISD supported systems.
  • Add a clickable link to a Phone number in CMS content. Let's mobile devices dial the number directly.

  • Add a clickable link to an email address in CMS content. 

  • Provides a systematic process of making copies of data that may be used in the event of a loss of data. Normally used to return the system to a state prior to a disaster or corruption of data. Both tape and disk to disk backup for enterprise and department applications and databases are in place. This service includes standard tape rotation; incremental and full backups and the off-site storage of tapes.

    Corrupted or deleted files or records can be restored as long as the backup occurred before the data loss.

  • ISD staff meets with the customer to identify the customer’s business need for technology; identify redundant processes; document observations and make recommendations in the form of written business and functional requirements.
  • ISD will assist with procurement, development or modification of software to meet business requirements.  These services may improve existing system capabilities or add new capabilities. This service is for line-of-business applications.
  • Provides increased communication and enables greater mobility. County employees receive rate discounts with service providers.
  • ISD administers the Enterprise GIS database, maintaining key map information, including parcels, streets, addresses, and digital aerial photography of Sonoma County.
  • ISD offers scheduled pickup and delivery services for: interdepartmental Sonoma County courier envelopes; outgoing US mail and packages; records stored at the Sonoma County Records Center (SCRC); and Mailroom and SCRC Forms and Supplies.
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