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The Integrated Justice System Project

From the beginning of its in-house development over thirty years ago, Sonoma County's Integrated Justice System (IJS) has provided the County Justice Partners their primary input, view and management for all Criminal, Civil and Juvenile justice information. The system represents over 30 years of internal development to provide a fully integrated solution, which means that an entity in the system can be seamlessly tracked through all phases of the justice continuum by all justice partners, including the Sheriff's Office, District Attorney, Public Defender, Probation, Superior Court, Child Support Services, and city, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Integrated Justice System

Moving Forward

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Commercially available business applications have emerged in the marketplace that offer improved functionality for individual departmental needs.  Redevelopment efforts internally across all the functions were deemed to not be economical or attainable in reasonable timeframes.  The justice partners agreed that incremental replacement with commercially available solutions was the right way to enhance business operations.  This assumption acknowledged the need to evolve the IJS to become a data exchange, data collection, and reporting system to fully retain integration across all justice partners while using commercially available best of class solutions for each of the departments.  The District Attorney and Public Defender case management systems implementation was completed in March 2015 and The Court has announced that it will be leaving IJS and moving to a new case management system, with implementation to be completed in 2015 or early 2016.

Even after the District Attorney, Public Defender and Superior Court move to third-party systems, IJS will still be the primary system for probation, detention, warrants of arrest and other vital functions. IJS was architected to be the sole entry point for all the services it supports, and the sole source for that data. With the move to third-party systems IJS must be re-architected to be one system among peers in order to keep the services for which it remains the primary system functioning properly. The software code that makes up IJS currently contains functionality necessary to support the functions that are moving to third-party systems. The functions no longer supported in IJS need to be adjusted to ensure the remaining functions work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Although the new landscape for justice systems will consist of multiple systems, there will still be a need to have a holistic view of the data, both strategically and operationally. Strategically, such views are necessary for evaluating programs like realignment (AB109) and jail facilities planning. Operationally, staff need to make decisions such as whether individuals can be searched in the field, whether they can be arrested on a warrant, and how they should be supervised when placed on probation. These decisions require information from outside of their own specialized systems. Having to look up individuals in multiple systems reduces staff efficiency and increases the risk of incorrect information being used to make those decisions.

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