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Current Projects for Information Systems

Information Systems undertakes a significant number of projects each year. Many projects are underway at the same time. This list reflects all current projects being managed by the Information Systems Department.

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    County websites redesigned to meet today’s expectations.

    Consistent Branding and Features; Improve Public’s Experience and Use; Efficiency Gains Through Self-Service
    Timeliness and Quality of Information; Civic Participation and Transparency

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    As State and County Departments move from the home grown Integrated Justice System (IJS) to commercially available case management systems IJS is evolving. This project addresses the importance and vision for preserving a central view and point of integration for all systems supporting Criminal Justice in Sonoma County.
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    The Online Services Strategy focuses on helping the County achieve its objectives by aligning itself with the County's four strategic plan goals through tools and technologies that promote civic engagement, performance measurement, and transparency. Underlying these three online services strategies are increased access by the residents, business communities, and government partners to County information and services. 

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    Sonoma County employees need to be able to collaborate with other county employees and county partners. Sharepoint 2013 provides a common collaboration platform so that county employees and county partners can connect, share ideas and organize information.  Sharepoint 2013 can be tailored to provide unique sharepoint sites and visualize data based on PowerView.

    Sonoma County Employees and authorized County partners have the ability to use Sharepoint 2013  regardless of their location(e.g. home,office) or device( e.g. Smartphone, Tablet,Laptop).

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    Sonoma County employees need to be able to share data with other county employees and external entities other than email in a secure manner. SoCoCloud extends the County's investment in storage and network high available infrastructure. SoCoCloud allows Sonoma County employees to use a secure file sharing and collaboration service with Sonoma County employees and external entities. SoCoCloud is 100% browser based and encrypts data both at rest and in transit.
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    Unified Communications VoIP Project
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    County departments are increasingly reliant on wireless services throughout the county to provide cost effective and expedite services.

    Wireless mesh services provides a highly available wireless service that provides better coverage and roaming capability throughout the county campus.

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    Currently County employees have the ability to connect to County network resources and/or the Internet without the need of a wired connection

    The wireless services project enhances these services including faster connectivity, better compatibility with newer devices and enhanced management capabilities.

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