County Websites Redesign

Why the change?

County websites redesigned to meet today's expectations

Visitors to County websites are interested in services- and may not know what department to deal with. Using a service-centric design, the new County portal has arranged services by categories tailored to visitors, residents, businesses, and those interested in our County government.

In addition, the umbrella navigation tab is being added to existing County and agency sites to promote simple and direct return to the portal from other pages.

Available to all users

The new website incorporates a responsive design, meaning the site adapts itself to the environment used for viewing. Pages and features are all available, but are arranged differently based on the viewing device- smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

County websites are also ADA accessible to make information available to individuals with disabilities. All sites comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, WAI, and WCAG standards.

Content Management System allows departments greater control

Creating and editing web content is an important consideration for departments. The Regional Parks and SCERA sites were built and are maintained with a Content Management System (CMS). This allows content contributors to create and edit web content using an intuitive browser-based editor. By streamlining the publishing process, departments are able to quickly update their information and directly access their web presence.

Contact Information

County of Sonoma
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