Community Outreach

IOLERO actively welcomes any and all opportunities to meet with the countless civic groups, neighborhood councils, social clubs, and other community based organizations that help make Sonoma County such a vibrant place.  We want to make sure that all parts of the county are aware that they have access to our office in case they feel the need to get in touch with us. 

Also, IOLERO conducts a robust outreach to and engagement of communities most impacted by law enforcement policies and practices, in order to bridge the gap between law enforcement and those communities. 

In order to achieve these goals, IOLERO is committed to:

  • Meet with community groups throughout the county;
  • Have a presence at community events, such as Roseland Cinco de Mayo celebration, local town and city festivals, relevant small community organization events, etc.; and
  • Meet throughout the year with community members to educate them on the role and plans of IOLERO, as well as take input on the goals and expectations of the community. 

If you would like IOLERO to meet with your organization, please contact us to schedule an appearance by a representative of the Office.

IOLERO's Community Advisory Council (CAC)

As part of its community outreach and engagement mission, IOLERO will work with a Community Advisory Council representative of the full diversity of Sonoma County.

The CAC, appointed by the Director, will meet monthly to review policies and procedures of the Sheriff’s Office, and consider whether those policies and procedures are most appropriate for the needs of the communities that are impacted by them. CAC’s monthly meetings will be supported by food and child care, so that all parts of the community may participate in the meetings, both as board members and members of the public, without barriers that would make such participation difficult.  The CAC will:

  • Develop a list of policies of the Sheriff’s Office to serve as the focus of its meetings;
  • Invite Sheriff’s Office presentations on select policies and rationales for the current policies in place;
  • Host presentations from other jurisdictions that have implemented alternative policy approaches from those of the Sheriff’s Office;
  • Solicit presentations by experts on policy areas reviewed by the CAC;
  • Take public comment on current policies and any proposed recommendations for changes to those policies; and
  • Report to the IOLERO Director on recommended changes to Sheriff’s Office policies. 

The Director may either adopt CAC's policy recommendation or explain reservations, then forward any IOLERO recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and Sheriff’s Office, as well as publish them on the IOLERO website

Community Outreach Initiatives

Perhaps one of IOLERO's most challenging tasks, as well as one of tasks with the most positive opportunities, is that of bridging the divisions between law enforcement and some parts of the community.

IOLERO seeks to bridge these gaps by helping the community understand law enforcement policies and procedures, and by helping the Sheriff’s Office understand community views concerning those policies and procedures. In addition, IOLERO seeks to facilitate opportunities for genuine community engagement between the Sheriff’s Office and the various communities of Sonoma County. 

If you have a sincere proposal intended to bridge these gaps and foster better engagement between communities and the Sheriff’s Office, please do not hesitate to contact our office with your proposal. 

Community Engagement Circle Meetings

One way that IOLERO seeks to facilitate community engagement is through a collaborative effort with the Sheriff’s Office and perhaps other law enforcement agencies in the County.

IOLERO and the Sheriff’s Office have agreed to a series of Community Engagement Circle meetings with the intent of bridging the gaps between law enforcement and parts of the community. These circles involve members of law enforcement (drawn primarily from Sheriff’s Office) and community members (with an emphasis on disadvantaged communities).

The circles will take place within a professionally facilitated meeting process designed to ensure the emotional safety of those participating. Each circle will consist of one or more members of law enforcement together with several community members engaged in a structured sharing of each person’s emotional and factual truth about their experiences connected to law enforcement.

The goal of these circles will be to humanize each perspective and undermine the process of caricature that often typifies such interactions.

If you are interested in participating in these circles, please inquire with our office.

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