Family, Youth and Children Division (FYC)

All children and teens deserve to be safe, healthy and supported. FYC staff members help individuals, families and the community ensure the safety and well-being of Sonoma County children and teens. Professionals investigate reports of child abuse, neglect or abandonment and, when needed, provide compassionate care with foster parents or group homes. At-risk children and their families are supported through referral to social services that help their homes be safe, stable, nurturing places. Day or night through the 24-hour hotline, staff respond to reports of abuse and neglect. FYC staff members also train the community about child abuse prevention and mandated reporting.

Foster and adoptive families needed in Sonoma County

Each day in Sonoma County, more than 500 foster infants, children and teens are in Family, Youth and Children’s Services’ care. Relatives, family friends, single adults, teachers and coaches, single adults, couples and families of all types can foster and/or adopt children. There’s a special need in for Spanish-speaking bilingual, emergency and temporary foster parents and adoptive parents, and those who can care for sibling groups and school-aged children and teens. Please call us today at (707) 565-4274. Learn more about Foster Care and Adoption

1202 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
(707) 565-4300

Foster care offers protection for children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, who are dependents of the juvenile court. The division recruits and trains foster families who can provide safe, stable, caring homes for foster children and teens. Foster parents receive payment for the foster children in their care. Foster parents families include single adults, straight and gay couples, Spanish-speaking families, children's relatives, licensed community foster family homes, group homes and other approved placements.

1202 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
(707) 565-4274

We need more foster families to help protect abused and neglected children and teens who cannot safely remain in their parent's care. There is a special need for foster families to care for sibling groups, toddlers and teenagers Becoming a foster parent is also the first step toward adopting a child or teen. 

If you can provide a safe and loving, temporary or long-term home, learn about how to become a licensed foster parent at Click here to read about foster care licensing.

Redwood Children's Center

2755 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 204, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 565-6360 • (707) 565-8621 FAX

Located at the Family Justice Center, this child-friendly environment allows sexual abuse victims to be interviewed by a trained forensic interviewer. Sessions are monitored and recorded for law enforcement, legal and social services professionals review to reduce the number of times a child must be interviewed.

Valley of the Moon Children's Home

P.O. Box 1539, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-1539
(707) 565-6350 • (707) 565-6352 FAX

To care for children who are no longer safe with their parents or guardians, FYC provides immediate, temporary, emergency shelter with caring professionals in this peaceful, stable, supportive and nurturing group environment, until a licensed foster home or appropriate placement is arranged.

Community volunteers are a vital support for children and teens staying at Valley of the Moon Children's Home. There are opportunities to make quilts, sort donations, raise donations and organize special events. Volunteers also help children on-site with homework, and work with them in the art, exercise, garden or music programs. To volunteer, click to visit the Valley of the Moon Children's Foundation or click here to email FYC staff.

PO Box 11671, Santa Rosa, CA 95406

This private, nonprofit, community foundation provides support and educational services for abused, abandoned and neglected children in Sonoma County. The Foundation led the capital campaign to build the emergency shelter, the Valley of the Moon Children's Home, and continues to accept charitable donations to support:

  1. The needs of children and teens at Valley of the Moon Children's Home
  2. Children and teens in community foster care homes and their foster parents
  3. Emancipated foster children, including help with education, housing and employment guidance
  4. Community efforts to prevent child abuse

Contact Information

Family, Youth and Children's Services
Human Services Department
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Contact us by Phone
1202 Apollo Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

24/7 Child Protection Hotline

(707) 565-4304


(800) 870-7064 Toll Free

Surrender a Baby

Surrender Brochure [PDF]


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Now there is a way to safely surrender your baby (877) 222-9723

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