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A Matter of Balance:
Managing Concerns About Falls

Attend a Fall Prevention Class Series

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The Area Agency on Aging offers an award-winning, fall prevention program, A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls, free for seniors whose fear of falling limits their social and physical activity. Each series is eight sessions of two hours each. Find the schedule of upcoming classes here.

Participants learn the importance of exercise in preventing falls and promoting strength, flexibility and balance. Groups explore thoughts and concerns about falls and learn: to create a safer home environment; to identify fall risks including issues regarding medications; problem-solving strategies to address behavior and habits that contribute to falls, and safety-promoting lifestyle strategies.

While classes are free, donations are gratefully accepted to help cover handbooks and materials.

To attend a class series or request a class in your community, email djacoby@schsd.org or call (707) 565-5936.

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Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls is based on the program Fear of Falling: A Matter of Balance. Copyright ©1995 Trustees of Boston University. All rights reserved. Used and adapted by permission of Boston University. A Matter of Balance Lay Leader Model was recognized for Innovation and Quality in Healthcare and Aging, 2006, American Society on Aging. A Matter of Balance Lay Leader Model was developed by a grant from the Administration on Aging (#90AM2780) and sponsored locally by the Sonoma County Area on Aging.

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