Joe Rodota Trail

Re-Opening the Joe Rodota Trail

Occupants left the Joe Rodota Trail encampment on January 31, 2020. The trail is closed for cleaning between Roberts Avenue and South Wright Road, with the work expected to last through February

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Trail Restoration

When can I use the trail?

The trail between Roberts Avenue and South Wright Road closed for cleaning on January 31, 2020. The cleanup is expected to last through February. A reopening date will be posted here when that date is known. 

How is the County cleaning the trail?

Hazardous waste removal contractors are clearing structures and other debris from the trail. Their work is overseen by the county's Public Works department with emergency funding approved by the Board of Supervisors in December 2019.

Why is there fencing around the trail?

Temporary fencing was installed along this section of the trail in late January to limit public access during the cleanup. The fencing will be removed when the trail reopens.

Who is monitoring trail access during the cleanup?

Regional Parks rangers and private security patrols are regularly monitoring the trail. If you suspect trespassing or criminal activity on the trail or surrounding private property, you are advised to call 911 or Santa Rosa Police's non-emergency number (707) 528-5222.

Maintaining Public Access

What if another trail encampment forms on the trail?

Due to expanded shelter and housing services, rangers expect to be able to enforce laws prohibiting unauthorized camping on public land. Rangers will conduct regular patrols and collaborate with outreach workers so anyone attempting to camp is aware of shelter options and the need to vacate the trail.

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Responding to Homelessness

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The County has a strong commitment to provide a path to permanent stable housing for all people experiencing homelessness. The Sonoma County Community Development Commission is the lead agency charged with preventing and ending homelessness.