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Addressing Homelessness


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Sonoma County is working hard to help people who live in our community without shelter move into housing. In December of 2019 the Board of Supervisors dedicated $12 million to increase the capacity of our system of care, and provide the kind of support our unsheltered neighbors need to be successful in housing. Funding Results.

We will always work to support our most vulnerable residents to make Sonoma County a safe and healthy place for all individuals to thrive. However, homelessness is not unique to Sonoma County, and while we can work to create provide services at a local level more must be done. That’s why Sonoma County is also advocating for changes at the State and Federal level to address issues that have led to homelessness across the nation, such as affordable housing, the opioid crisis, and limited mental health care resources.

With 3,000 people in Sonoma County experiencing homelessness, it is worth the time to learn more about who is homeless with the Executive Summary of the Annual Point in Time Homeless Census and Survey report.

Here are some quick facts:

  • Approximately 3,000 people experiencing homelessness in Sonoma County – almost 1,000 of those people are precariously sheltered, with 2,000 unsheltered.
  • 87% of whom resided in Sonoma County prior to experiencing homelessness
  • 70% of survey respondents have lived in Sonoma County for 10 years or more
  • 89% of survey respondents said they would like affordable permanent housing if it became available soon

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Responding to Homelessness

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The County has a strong commitment to provide a path to permanent stable housing for all people experiencing homelessness. The Sonoma County Community Development Commission is the lead agency charged with preventing and ending homelessness.