Leaking Underground Storage Tank - Local Oversight

Program Overview

The Sonoma County Local Oversight Program (LOP) oversees the investigation and cleanup of fuel releases from underground storage tanks in all areas of the county with the exception of the cities of Santa Rosa and Healdsburg. Sites are entered into the LOP when a release from an underground tank is reported. This typically happens when an underground tank is removed and signs of a release are either obvious or else reported in laboratory sample results. Releases are also reported when contamination is found while repairing fuel delivery systems or when environmental site assessments are done at the time of property sales.

Once entered into the LOP, the site must be investigated and cleaned up in accordance with the California Underground Storage Tank Regulations (PDF), Sonoma County Program Guidelines for Site Investigations, and Regional Water Quality Control Board water quality objectives.

The LOP is authorized to regulate underground storage tank releases by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). Appeals for action or inaction by Sonoma County LOP may be made through the Sonoma County Local Review Process or directly to the SWRCB.

The State Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund, which is administered by the SWRCB, is available to eligible tank owners and operators, and may pay up to $1.5 million for the investigation and cleanup of sites. Deductibles may apply, and only reasonable and necessary expenses are reimbursed.

Information regarding sites in the Sonoma County program is available online from the SWRCB GeoTracker online database.

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Notices

Sites are entered into the LOP when a release from an underground tank is reported.

Table: Leaking Underground Storage Tank Notices

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