Food Truck or Cart Permit

You need a mobile food facility permit if:

  • you sell or distribute food from a vehicle or cart and prepare food at a commissary or other permanent food facility.
  • you want to operate on a route or park at a location not in conjunction with a community event.

If you will only be operating in conjunction with a community event such as a farmers market then you need a temporary food facility permit

Contact an inspector before purchasing a mobile food facility permit to insure it meets current food code requirements.

Requirements change over time; please contact Environmental Health for current standards or visit our FAQ page.

Who Needs a Mobile Food Facility Permit?

Types of mobile food facilities include trucks or trailers, examples include:

  • Hot truck
  • Cold truck
  • Ice cream truck
  • Espresso cart
  • Hot dog/tamale cart
  • Ice cream cart

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The California Retail Food Code

CalCode establishes uniform statewide health and sanitation standards for retail food facilities.

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Marine Biotoxin Monitoring Reports


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