Definitions of Terms

Our intake and outcome reports include many abbreviations; please refer to the definitions list for explanations.

Definitions List

HEALTHY: The animal is medically and behaviorally healthy.

TREAT REH-Treatable/Rehabilitatable: The animal can become medically or behaviorally healthy with treatment or training.

TREAT MAN-Treatable/Manageable: The animal has a chronic health or behavior condition that can be treated or managed.

UNTREATABL-Untreatable/Unmanageable: After physical and behavior exams, the animal's health or behavior condition is considered to be untreatable or unmanageable.

PENDING: Condition undetermined.

AGGRESSIVE: Shows aggression toward people or other animals.

BEH SEVERE-Behavior Severe: Shows behavior that may not be treatable.

EUTH: The animal was euthanized.

OTC-Over the counter: the transaction happened at the shelter.

FIELD or FLD: The transaction happened in the field (conducted by an animal control officer).

RTO-Returned to Owner: The animal was reclaimed by his or her owner.

TRANSFER: The animal was transferred to/from another shelter or a rescue organization.

FLD-CORONR: Coroner, owner died.

CONFISCATE: Animal taken from the scene of an accident or other incident.

QUARANTINE: Animal under quarantine for biting.

OTC-OS-Over the counter owner surrender: A person brought the animal to the shelter to surrender ownership of the animal.

PRIV-SHELT-Private Shelter: Humane Society of Sonoma County.

ADOPTION: A person completed the application process, paid all associated fees, and assumed ownership of the animal.

FLD_CRUEL: Cruelty investigation.

CHANGE PRG: Sonoma County CHANGE program is a horse rescue organization.

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