Animal Services Updates - October 26, 2017

Published:  October 26, 2017

Animal Services mission continues to be providing high quality and compassionate care for our community’s domestic animals and livestock. In the wake of the fires, our work has focused on the rescue, recovery and reunification of animals affected by the fires (and has not been limited to domestic animals and livestock).

Field Operations

Field operations include all work done by Animal Services and their partners, collaborators and mutual aid in the field.

  • Field operations ran 24/7 for the first 10 days following the fires and have since scaled back to 12 hours (with on-call officers available after hours).
  • The focus of field work has been on rescue and recovery, welfare checks for animals left behind during evacuations, leaving food and water for animals in areas inaccessible to their families, transporting livestock to safe shelter, delivering veterinary care to injured animals in the field (mainly large animals and livestock).
  • The initial response in the field also included the provision of animal care supplies (food, bowls, carriers, etc.) at multiple evacuation shelters throughout Sonoma County.
  • Rescue efforts, welfare checks and other animal care needs will continue to be met as long as they are needed and can be requested by calling our shelter during regular hours.
Shelter Operations

Shelter operations include the medical care, sheltering and reunification efforts that have been on-going since the fires began.

  • Animal Services shelter was open 24/7 for the first 10 days following the fires and has since scaled back operations—first to 8a-8p daily, then 9a-6p daily.
  • The shelter has served as the triage and treatments center for animals injured in the fire, initially working with a team of nearly a dozen  veterinary medical professionals from CVMA to care for all animals entering the shelter.
  • Veterinary care for animals affected by the fires is still be offered at no cost.
  •  Animals in need of 24 hour veterinary care, or in need of intensive treatment for severe injuries were transferred to our partners at 24-hour pet hospitals or to UC Davis Veterinary Medicine.
  • The shelter is also providing no-cost boarding for animals displaced by the fires (space is limited so please call ahead).
  • Our shelter is not at capacity at this time and especially welcome stray animals, small domestic animals and those needing veterinary care.
  • Stray animals—Animals that arrive October 10th-October 31st, their stray hold ends Nov. 8th. Our regular hold times apply for animals arriving after November 1st. After the stray hold ends, animals in our care may become available for adoption or transfer. We are not currently offering adoptions and will update our page as soon as adoptable animals become available.

Animals Services continues to provide regular updates to our community on our services

  • Our  website and Facebook are the primary sources for public information.
  • The Facebook page is being used to promote stray/lost animals for whom we have no owner or cannot reach the owner, and to recognize and acknowledge the breadth of work going on in response to the fires across all areas of the shelter, field and its partners.
  • The website is a more static source of updates and information, including the current animal population at the shelter.
  • We are working with our local operations centers and joint information center to get up to date information to the media
Partnerships & Collaborations:

Animals Services’ work regularly relies on the collaboration of other shelters, rescues, veterinary medical professionals, and volunteers to provide the best animal care possible. The response to the fires is no exception and highlights the need and value of collaboration. The following is a list of the kinds of partnerships we have relied on:

  • Mutual Aid field officers from 6+ jurisdictions
  • ASPCA support in-shelter and in-field
  • Donors-local and national providing in-kind & monetary donations (both individuals and organizations)
  • Veterinary Medical professionals-CVMA, UC Davis VERT & Veterinary, locals
  • Animal Service Volunteers-working with animals (limited) and to meet in-shelter operational needs
  • Media-we’ve garnered very positive media attention to date
  • Other local shelters & rescues- recipient of transferred animals out of shelter, build systems to coordinate response/relief efforts, check-in regularly on status, needs and next steps
  • Social media community-engagement & reach increasing visibility of animals for reunification, furthering reach of messages about services & collaborations
  • Our generous community—has kept us going with food (for humans and animals) and donated generously. We are still not taking any more in-kind donations. Gift cards and monetary donations are still welcomed.
  The Numbers
  • 85 Animals returned to their owners (since 10/9/17)
  • 219 stray animals have come into our care (since 10/9/17)
  • 106 animals have been transferred to other shelters, rescues or veterinary care facilities (nearly 90 of which were animals in our care before the fires that were transferred to other shelters and rescues to make space for fire-affected animals)
  • Animal Services officers have responded to 2,500+ calls for service since the fires began—nearly 5x the normal call volume
  • At our animal care supply giveaway on October 21st, we helped 44 families affected by the fires who are caring for more than 60 cats and 75 dogs. We provided them with over 2,000 pounds of dry food, over 600 cans of wet food, 500+ pound of cat litter, and hundreds of other supplies (carriers, beds, collars, leashes, treats, toys, litter pans, potty pads, blankets, dog waste bags, and more!). Please contact us if you are still in need of these supplies, we have more and want to share.

Contact Information

Business Hours
Tuesday – Saturday
Adoption hours 12:00 – 4:30 PM
Shelter hours 12:00 – 5:30 PM
Phones open at 9:00 AM
Contact us by Phone
Sonoma County Animal Services
1247 Century Ct
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Annual Report

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