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Lost and Found Animals

It's every pet parent's nightmare: Your beloved pet has gotten loose, and you don't know where he or she is. Don't panic — there are many steps you can take to locate your pet.

Above all, the most important thing to do is to keep actively searching for your pet. Animals turn up at shelters weeks, and sometimes months, after they've been lost. Likewise, finders will sometimes not report a wandering animal to us until weeks after it first appeared in their neighborhood.

View Photos of Our Stray Animals

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Review photos of the stray dogs, cats, and other animals under our care. The listings are updated hourly, but may not include animals under medical treatment or those who arrived at the shelter deceased. Check the list frequently and visit the shelter frequently. Make sure to click through all pages of stray animals listed on the links provided (multi-page navigation at bottom of page).

If you think your pet might be here, visit the shelter during our regular business hours or call us at (707) 565-7100.

In general, impounded animals are held for 4 business days, not counting the day of arrival, Sundays, Mondays, or holidays. After the impoundment period, animals are evaluated for health and behavior and at that time, may be re-homed, transferred to another agency, placed into foster care, or euthanized.

File a Lost Animal Report

By Email

1. Create a Lost Pet Flyer using the PetBond.com Flyer Maker. Please include:

  •  The location where your pet was last seen (include the cross streets and city).
  •  Your contact information.
  •  Details about your pet in the comments section. Include collar color, special markings, type of ears (pointy? droopy? cropped?), and any other identifying features.
  •  A picture that shows what your pet looks like.

Save the flyer as a PDF file with the file name "Lostpet.yourpetsname.month.date.year.pdf"

2. Email the pdf file, along with a JPEG image of your pet, to "theanimalshelter@sonoma-county.org" with the subject line: "Lost Pet Report."

In Person or By Phone

You may also file a lost animal report in person at the shelter during our regular business hours or by phone at (707) 565-7100.

Distribute Your Lost Pet Flyer

Print the flyer you made and post it in the area in which you last saw your pet and in your neighborhood, and at local veterinary hospitals.

Check Other Animal Shelters


Areas Served

Location and Contact Info

Cloverdale Police Department

City of Cloverdale

112 Broad St., Cloverdale
(707) 894-2150 (24 hours)

Forgotten Felines

All areas of Sonoma County
Cats only

Empire Industrial Ct., Santa Rosa
(707) 576-7999

Petaluma Animal Services Foundation

City of Petaluma
City of Cloverdale

840 Hopper St., Petaluma
(707) 778-7387

Pets Lifeline

City of Sonoma
Unincorporated areas of Sonoma Valley

19686 Eighth St. East, Sonoma
(707) 996-4577

Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

City of Rohnert Park
City of Cotati

301 J Rogers Lane, Rohnert Park
(707) 584-1582

Sonoma County Animal Services

Unincorporated areas of Sonoma County
City of Santa Rosa
Town of Windsor

1247 Century Ct., Santa Rosa
(707) 565-7100

Sonoma Humane Society

City of Sebastopol
City of Healdsburg

Santa Rosa location:
5345 Highway 12, Santa Rosa
(707) 542-0882

Healdsburg location:
14242 Bacchus Landing Way, Healdsburg
(707) 280-9632

Sonoma Police Department

City of Sonoma
Unincorporated area around City of Sonoma

175 First St. West, Sonoma
(707) 996-3601 (24 hours)

Other Steps to Take

Post signs around your neighborhood and at local veterinary hospitals. If possible, include a color picture of your pet as well as detailed description, lost date and location.

Place an ad in the Press Democrat (707) 546-7355, your local newspaper and post on Craigslist.

Check ads in newspapers, shelter websites and online Found Pet ads daily.

NotifyJosie's Lost Dog Alert of Sonoma County if you're a Facebook user.

Walk a three-block radius from your home (cover much more area if your pet is unaltered or frightened) and talk to your neighbors. Someone may have some helpful information about your lost pet.

Check with all local veterinarians to see if any injured stray animals fitting your pet's description have been brought in, or if someone has posted a found animal flyer there.

If you've lost your cat, remember that she is a nocturnal animal, so try searching later in the day when she's more likely to be awake.

Visit www.missingpetpartnership.org for excellent tips that will help you learn how to look for your lost animal.

Most importantly, keep actively searching for your pet. Animals turn up at shelters weeks, and sometimes months, after they've been lost. Likewise, finders will sometimes not report a wandering animal to us until weeks after it first appeared in their neighborhood.

Contact Information

Business Hours
Tuesday – Saturday
Adoption hours 12:00 – 4:30 PM
Shelter hours 12:00 – 5:30 PM
Phones open at 9:00 AM
Contact us by Phone
Sonoma County Animal Services
1247 Century Ct
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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