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Planning for Success 179The Planning for Success training program provides you the opportunity to identify and take training to obtain or enhance specific competencies.

We’re focusing on expanding and improving skills training and “transfer of learning” to the workplace. 

What's the Same

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The County of Sonoma Planning for Success employee training program is built on competencies identified by employees themselves as critical for success at each of the four County of Sonoma employment levels:  Foundational, Supervisory, Managerial, and Executive. 

The Planning for Success training program still provides you the opportunity to identify and take training to obtain or enhance specific competencies to enrich your career with the County.

Certifications are still available to anyone.  The Professional Development Spiral shows the required classes for each certification level on one spiral and, on the other, the County’s Skills Development Electives.

Planning for Success was designed to provide the learning and practices you’ll need to succeed and the flexibility you want.  You can still take a more traditional “climb-the-ladder-within-one-department” approach to your career or choose to accumulate knowledge and skills as you are motivated to learn them on an à la carte basis.

Training for the Executive Level is found in just two red ovals in Planning for Success:  Executive Learning Programs customized to the Department and the situation and County-wide Succession Planning, both launching this year.

What’s New

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You will see the following changes in the classroom to accomplish increased transfer of learning:

  • Improved learning practices
  • Increased interactivity among participants, and
  • More opportunities to practice what you’ve learned.

Other changes to Planning for Success for FY 2016-17 include:

  • On-demand Classes such as Building Community in the Workplace.  These are listed in this Course Catalog, but are not on the schedule or shown on the Professional Development Spiral and Advanced Project Management.  On-demand Classes will be scheduled when a sufficient number of employees express interest. 
  • 3-Packs are three related classes scheduled closely together and designed for groups of employees such as administrative staff or “supervisors” and managers.
  • Intact Team Trainings that allow your unit to train as a group.  You can reserve a team table at a regularly scheduled training or Workforce Development can bring the training to you.
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities utilizing more on-line classes and other alternative learning methods.

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