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  • The challenge in writing is to balance a reader's preference with the need to provide sufficient information. This class for County of Sonoma employees is designed to meet that challenge and provide participants with the skills and confidence to write documents that are clear, concise, complete, and persuasive. 

  • This workshop is the second segment of the County Career Training program and builds on the first part for County of Sonoma employees.

  • This the first of a two-part class that provides valuable information on how to navigate through County employment opportunities specifically for County of Sonoma employees.

  • In this dynamic, interactive course you will  practice techniques to manage group process, effectively listen to participant comments, and model positive listening behavior. A successful group facilitator guides the group in making decisions and solving difficult problems while support accountability among individual group members. We will practice using a variety of data-gathering tools leading to group analysis and decision-making.

  • In this half-day course we’ll explore the characteristics of effective feedback and your challenges in providing it to your staff in a helpful and frequent manner.

  • This workshop series is designed to cover the basics in resource and proposal development for those with minimal experience in grant seeking. Participants will learn how to analyze the relevance and impact of grant opportunities in furthering departmental strategic plans, and the basics of successful proposal development. This training is open to County of Sonoma staff and their partner nonprofits and community based organizations.

  • Business cases come in all shapes and sizes and are a direct result of change—whether that change is necessary or simply desired.  County of Sonoma employees work within budgets and with a limited amount of available funds for expenditures.

  • We all know we need to focus on a balance among the elements that make up our lives: relationships, work, play, community connections, the impact of world events, physical and mental well-being, personal reflection, spiritual pursuits, and so on. Somehow, though, too often we find ourselves living lives that are not in balance and experiencing the consequences of that imbalance. We offer this course for County of Sonoma employees.

  • Learn and practice approaches to effective communication even with “challenging” work relationships. 

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