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The Key Competencies and Skills identified by employees as critical for success at each of the County employment levels:  Foundational (Individual Contributor), Supervisory, Managerial, and Executive continue to serve as the foundation for our courses.  

Certifications at the Foundational, Supervisory, and Managerial levels are still available for any employee to pursue.  Look for the orange, blue and green ovals on  the Professional Development Spiral illustrating the required classes for each certification level.  The grey ovals are the Skills Development Electives that are also available to all staff.

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    • Harassment has no place in our work environment for our employees. State law AB 1825 mandates that all supervisory and managerial employees be trained in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

    • Recognizing that the optimal way of building community in the workplace is to provide this training to groups of County of Sonoma employees who work together, Workforce Development is offering this course to intact departmental teams on an on-demand basis.

    • The challenge in writing is to balance a reader's preference with the need to provide sufficient information. This class for County of Sonoma employees is designed to meet that challenge and provide participants with the skills and confidence to write documents that are clear, concise, complete, and persuasive. 

    • This workshop is the second segment of the County Career Training program and builds on the first part for County of Sonoma employees.

    • This the first of a two-part class that provides valuable information on how to navigate through County employment opportunities specifically for County of Sonoma employees.

    • Demographics in Sonoma County have changed in the last twenty-five years; it has become and will continue to be more culturally diverse.  The fact is that serving and meeting the needs of a diverse community and a diverse workforce can be challenging for County of Sonoma employees.

    • This course for County of Sonoma employees examines superior quality service and then demonstrate tools and resources you can use to provide it.

    • Any staff are welcome to attend DiSCovering Yourself. DiSC Workplace Profile is a self-administered assessment that will identify your personal behavioral style at work. Insights you gain from DiSC will help you communicate and work more effectively with others, resolve conflict, improve your performance at work, and may help you prepare for your next career move. 

    • In this class we'll take a look at basic elements of communication and their relationship to each other; culture, gender, and conversation; common communication pitfalls, and practice techniques to increase your communication prowess.  EVERYONE thinks they communicate better than they actually do. This is an opportunity to learn what you don't know you don't know!

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